Enjoy a Winter Melody with SPIDER Magazine

One of the best ways to brighten up a chilly winter day is to make music at home! This January issue of SPIDER Magazine is full of musical magic that kids and families can enjoy! From practicing piano to playing ice instruments to a silly opera, this issue is full of so much to sing about!

A reader’s smorgasbord

SPIDER is packed with exciting literature for independent readers or early elementary students. Kids who are just beginning to fall in love with reading can sample all sorts of writing, from science fiction to fantasy to historical fiction to folktale to nonfiction. With a zany sense of humor, colorful illustrations, puzzles, and interactive activities, SPIDER really does offer something for everyone. Plus, a cast of cute cartoon critters populates the margins with their own adventures– and provides definitions for new vocabulary words found in the stories! Let’s dive into what makes this January issue special!

Stellar stories

Lucy needs a special gift for Grandma’s birthday– and fast! How can she impress her? She decides to create a special birthday piano recital, complete with her own arrangement of “Happy Birthday.” Will she be able to learn the music in time to impress Grandma? Find out in “A Very Special Gift for Grandma,” written by Stephanie Yu Lim with art by S.Y. Lee.

How did people get the gift of fire to survive the winter? According to the Lenni Lenape, it was thanks to the sacrifice of the Rainbow Bird. John M. Burt retells this classic tale with art by Jennifer Hewitson.

Every issue of SPIDER includes the strange adventures of siblings Doodlebug and Dandelion, created by Pamela Dell and Dom Mansell. In this issue, they decide to host their musical New Year’s Eve gala inside… which poses a few challenges!

Cool true stories

This issue of SPIDER profiles the awesome ice sculptor Tim Linhart, who creates musical instruments out of ice! Every winter in Luleå, Sweden, an orchestra plays Linhart’s frozen instruments inside an igloo! Discover the secrets of ice music in Sue Gagliardi’s fascinating article, then watch it in action here:

Exciting activities

Kids may be cooped up indoors lately, but this issue of SPIDER has several interesting activities to help pass the time! Still haven’t settled on a New Year’s resolution? Why not make a ‘random acts of kindness’ spinner to inspire you to do good deeds? Solve an icy brainteaser, solve the mystery of the melted ice sculpture, and spot frosty feathered friends in the forest! Plus, send your original stories about the performing arts to SPIDER for this month’s contest! The takeout pages feature an awesome matching game with animal tracks that you can make at home!

What was your favorite feature in this month’s issue? Did your kids try any of the activities? Let us know!