The Best STEM Magazines for Kids

Do you know a child who has a passion for science, nature, technology, or math? Or maybe one who just needs a little extra push to fall in love with STEM? Magazines are the perfect way to feed their curiosity.

Science classes across the country will look a little different this year. Maybe they’ve moved to an all-virtual format. Maybe there’s a lot more independent study going on Or maybe socially-distanced classroom learning means that there’s no more hands-on experiments or field trips. These award-winning magazines will help kids of all ages stay engaged and interested in STEM subjects– and maybe answer a few tricky questions that parents might not know how to answer.

CLICK (Ages 3-6)

Preschool-age students who are full of questions will love CLICK Magazine. This bright, colorful publication features special issues about the topics that interest kids the most. From trucks to tarantulas, constellations to coral reefs, CLICK explores the world and beyond with engaging articles, photos, cartoons, and activities. Preschoolers and kindergarteners are always hungry to know how things work or why things happen the way they do. CLICK has all the answers in a fun, child-friendly format. In fact, many of its articles appear in the form of fiction stories. Learn chemistry through a story about a parent and child baking cookies together, or about how viruses work from a story about a child’s sick day. Each issue also features a comic strip, Click & Jane, following the curious adventures of a mouse and raccoon duo.

ASK (Ages 6-9)

Elementary students who want to dive deeper into STEM topics will be fascinated by the fun facts and imaginative features of ASK Magazine. ASK shows that there’s so much more to STEM than what you learn in school. Science isn’t just about memorizing facts: it requires big imaginations and asking big questions! How will cars run in the future? Who invented ice cream? What was earth like before the dinosaurs? Is there life on other planets? How smart are birds? ASK answers all of these questions and more– and provides a fascinating introduction to real scientific research. Kids can try real experiments, meet scientists, enjoy colorful cartoons, and follow the mischievous adventures of Marvin the raccoon and his friends.

MUSE (ages 9-14)

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Do you know a tween who’s a budding scientist, engineer, inventor, or mathematician? Or a walking encyclopedia who never tires of discovering new fascinating facts? MUSE Magazine is a blend of cutting-edge science, creative exploration, and quirky humor with a contemporary style. MUSE readers are in a class of their own, submitting letters, essays, and art that showcase their brilliant minds and off-the-wall senses of humor. Discover the work that real scientists are doing and learn about new discoveries in the world of STEM. Recent topics include what ‘perfection’ means, what causes mass extinctions, how feet adapt to serve different functions, where our food really comes from, how scientists explore the bottom of the ocean, how 3D printing is changing the world, and so much more. Packed with interactive activities and humorous features, there is something for everyone in MUSE.