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Big news: Cricket Media is sponsoring a sweepstakes contest! Enter now for the chance to win an iPhone 7! You’ll also be entered to win the grand prize of an iPad and a free subscription to magazine of your choice just for sharing about the contest!


Now, wait just a minute, you might be thinking. Aren’t these the same people who are always writing about Keeping Tech in Check? Why would Cricket Media give away technology? Well, technology and screen time are part of our world, and we’re not trying to change that. What we do advocate is using tech responsibly—creating a balance, not a ban. Whether kids can use smartphones after school but not in the car or at the dinner table, or if every finished homework assignment earns fifteen minutes of tablet time, every family should be free to come up with the plan that works best for them. You can learn more about our Keeping Tech in Check initiative here!


While we’re on the subject of technology, did you know that people have been suspicious about new forms of communication for HUNDREDS of years? It didn’t start with Snapchat! When the telegraph was all the rage, experts worried that it was “destroying the language” by encouraging abbreviations and improper grammar! Does that sound familiar? Even Socrates believed that those newfangled inventions called “books” were making young people less intelligent—why bother learning anything if you could just look it up in a book, right?


Here’s a glimpse of “Texting Through the Ages” from MUSE magazine. MUSE is all about the cutting edge of science, delving into the weird, wild, and wacky world of STEM, just right for curious kids from ages 9-14.


through the ages1

through the ages2


Don’t miss your chance to enter our sweepstakes—and don’t forget to share it on social media for the grand prize! (Note: No purchase is necessary. You may not be eligible for the grand prize if you share it via semaphore message.)