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Cooking with Spider - Cricket Media

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Is your child obsessed with Chopped Junior or Cupcake Wars, Kids Edition? If so, they aren’t alone. Cooking has captured the imagination of kids across the country and words like

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What if you could see a Song? Muse Magazine

What If You Could See a Song?

Pharrell Williams visited New York University’s Clive Davis Institute in February 2016 to critique students’ compositions. His masterclass took a turn no one expected. The raw work of an NYU

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Artwork by Troy Howell from the February 2016 cover of CRICKET Magazine

Predicting Your Future

What if you had a crystal ball that you could look into to see your future?   You do.   It’s YOU! You are your own crystal ball.   In

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Talking About Tragedy - Cricket Media

Talking To Children About Tragedy

The pivotal moments in history that are frozen in our minds are, unfortunately, usually laden with heartbreak. My mom remembers exactly where she was when she heard about the assassination

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