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Cobblestone Spiro Issue

Spiro Who?

As the editor of Cobblestone, It is rare for me to know nothing about a theme before I begin working on it, but that’s what happened with the October 2015

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Discoverer's Day

Discovering Discoverer’s Day

Kids have an inherent drive to explore the world around them. At different stages and ages, this manifests in different ways. Sometimes it’s a hard thing to encourage (especially when

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Folklorist Challenge

Enter the Folklorist Challenge

Cricket Media and the Smithsonian Center for Folklife and Cultural Heritage are pleased to cosponsor the 2nd Annual Global Folklorist Challenge. This contest, aimed at kids from 8 to 18,

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The Power of Music

October 1st marks International Music Day, which made me think of all the goodness that music brings into our lives. Is there anything else you can think of that has

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Heading West

As the editor of Dig, I’m charged with choosing themes for the coming year. It is definitely an exciting process. The possibilities are endless, but getting the right mix can

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