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Anne Frank

The Art of Listening

We all have feelings and opinions. One of the best ways we have to understand each other’s feeling and opinions is to listen, to simply stop talking, open our minds

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Hamilton Issue is coming

Hamilton the Magazine

Like half the country, we here at Cricket Media are obsessed with Hamilton, the musical sensation that is teaching the history of the USA while it entertains with music, dance,

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Dig: The Olympics

The Olympics: A Look Back

When we—the editors of DIG, COBBLESTONE, FACES, and MUSE—met to discuss a theme for a 2016 issue that would work well across all four magazines, the Olympics came to mind

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Independence Day! Artwork by Rebecca Kelly

Go Forth and Read

Holidays are great. Especially holidays that are celebrated with parades, cookouts, and fireworks. But before you fire up the grill, why not take a few minutes to make sure your

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