The Poetry of Life

We are all poets. Each one of us sees the world in our own special way. Whenever we look up at the passing clouds and see long tail dragons and sailing ships we are poets. When we share our visions and dreams we are poets. We are poets whenever we tell the world who we […]

About this Blog

When I was young, my two favorite walks in the neighborhood were to the mailbox and to the bookmobile. I relished racing up our steep cement driveway to pry open the mailbox half-hidden by Trumpet vines and search for the latest copy of Cricket Magazine. Once a week, I’d walk half a mile down the […]

A Story for Kids Who Feel Too Small

My daughter has never cracked the pediatrician’s growth chart. In first grade, she was sometimes called a baby by the other kids, and in truth her height was not all that much more than an average-sized 3 year old. Then she got into trouble for having her classmates lug her books, homework, and lunchbox around […]

Teaching Competence: Could it all start with socks?

I’ve been thinking a lot about self-reliance and what that means when it comes to raising children. I don’t mean that I’m wondering if we as parents are competent. I think we know we are, despite the deep doubts we all sometimes have and the perceived frowns from our neighbors, friends, and family members about […]

Beyond Doctors, Ballerinas, and Soccer Players

Expanding a child’s view of what is possible is like opening up a window or turning on a light that has the power to spark their imaginations and help them dream even bigger dreams. I was reminded of this recently when I overhead the girls in the Girl Scout Troop I lead discussing what they […]