What do Turkeys Eat for Thanksgiving?

No, that’s not a joke. It’s the subject of an actual article that appeared in SPIDER Magazine a few years ago. Coincidentally, it is also an actual question my daughter asked last night at dinner. And that’s exactly what I love about SPIDER Magazine and Cricket Media magazines in general. The editors of these magazines […]

Dream Child: Follow your Dreams

Dream. Dream big, Child. Follow your dreams. They will take you places you once only dreamed about.   It all starts with a first step. A few new steps each day and you are on your way toward your dream.   Don’t be afraid to pursue your dreams. Remember, nothing can keep you from your […]

Talkin’ Turkey: Pardoning the Festive Bird

What is the deal with turkey pardons?   My daughters are heavily involved in 4H and I often feel like we practically live in the nearby park-farm where many of the 4H events take place. This farm is also one of the designated locations for the annual pardoned turkeys to live out the rest of […]

Why Cobblestone Magazine Rocks!

Let’s face it: Unless your child is naturally attracted to the subject, it’s not very easy to get kids interested in history. Hamilton certainly will get them in the spirit, but I hear tickets are not very easy to come by. What kids really need to engage them in the world-before-their-time is something relatable. This […]

Get Ready to See the Super Moon

On November 14th, anyone with a clear evening sky will be lucky enough to see a “super moon”. A super moon happens when the moon is full at its closest point to the Earth, and this month’s super moon is the closest the moon has been to Earth since 1948. According to space.com, the moon […]

Show Bedtime Who’s Boss

By Cricket Media Dad   You know that meme “What I think X will be like” vs. “What X is actually like”? If it were applied to bedtime in my house, it would look like this:   What I think bedtime will be like:     What bedtime is actually like:     You’ve been […]

Double the Joy, Double the Reading, Double the Giving

Corporate social responsibility…you know the kind where Toms will donate a pair of shoes to someone who needs it or where Smile Squared will give a toothbrush to a child for every one you buy…has become a “thing” in the past few years. In fact, it is now not at all uncommon to have a […]

ASK Magazine Looks at the Science of Sugar

By Tyler Thompson, Licensing Manager, Cricket Media   Sugar. Maybe you’ve heard of it. When Cricket Media receive licensing requests from State Education departments, they specify they can only license articles that do not mention sugar, sweets, candy, ice cream, or cookies. Several states have passed legislature banning the sale of soda and sugary drinks […]

Winning and Losing: It Happens to Adults Too

In life, there are winners and there are losers. This is an undeniable fact that Cleveland Indians and Chicago Cubs fans are going to experience tonight as the World Series comes to close, and we as a country are going to experience in full force next Tuesday when this crazy election season finally comes to […]