What Makes a Great Magazine for a Toddler?

If you are in the market for a magazine for your toddler, you certainly have plenty of choices ranging from bland and boring “educational” titles to over the top, ad-riddled nonsense. Today’s blog will discuss how to cut through the noise and discover a magazine with the ability to both delight and entertain your toddler. […]

The Real Reason There Are No Ads in Cricket Media Magazines

I work in the marketing department at Cricket Media, so naturally it is my job to get the word out about how great our magazines and products are. CRICKET magazine has been entertaining children since 1973 and like many of the people who work here, I distinctly remember racing to the mailbox every month when […]

Learning the Big Words Authentically

What do the following words have in common?   Providence Squalor Barter Reigned Destitute Restitution   If you said they are all slightly uncommon words that should be part of an educated person’s vocabulary, you are correct.   If you said they are all words of the ilk that might show up on an SAT […]

Hold Your Horses: Have We Got a Story for You!

Hello from “Horse Country ” also known as Middleburg, VA. For those who are unfamiliar, Middleburg is a tiny little town in the outskirts of suburban VA that has become a mecca for anyone who wants horse statues, horse clothes (both the kinds you wear decorated with horses, and clothes literally FOR horses), horse shoes, […]

Making the “Beach Read” a Thing for Kids

As an adult, I like nothing better than to sit on the beach or at the pool and read. Give me a satisfying “beach read” and I’m happy for days. However, I’m sad to say the “beach read” isn’t really a thing for kids. Most kids would rather splash in the waves, make sand castles, […]

Discover Summer: Encourage Thinking, Creativity and Imagination

It’s the final week of our Discover Summer Reading program, but don’t fret!  We will continue to share stories from our archives all year long to keep your kids’ reading. Our 11 children’s magazines encourage thinking, creativity and imagination. They are filled with beautiful illustrations, engaging stories, interesting facts and fun activities.   For example, here’s […]

When A Best Friend Moves Away

This is the time of the year when people move. Families move near and far, to bigger towns for more opportunity or to smaller towns for a better place to raise the kids. They move for good reasons and not-such-good reasons. When a friend moves away it is stressful for both the kid moving and […]

Discover Summer: Read to Develop Critical Thinking Skills

Helping our kids develop critical thinking skills can be one of the most challenging tasks we have as parents.  Teaching them to not only pay attention to how their behavior affects those in their day to day life, but how it can cause a ripple effect that impacts society as a whole is important to […]

Cricket Writers and Illustrators Receive SCBWI Recognition

Since 1973, we have featured stories written by some of the most talented, creative, and smart writers in the world and ensured those stories are accompanied by illustrations created by equally amazing and talented artists. Every story and each illustration on the pages of any of our 11 children’s magazines is there to encourage young readers […]