Toddler Tech

When I was pregnant and took a tour of my daughter’s future daycare, I wasn’t surprised to see a computer lab called “Tech Town.” I assumed Tech Town was for the older kids, since the school went up to kindergarten, so I was surprised to find out that weekly trips to the computer lab began […]

Discover Summer: Benefits of Reading Short Stories

Last week, we introduced the Discover Summer Reading Program. Each week, for the next 6 weeks, we are making a few stories available to download based on a popular summer theme.  Each story comes directly from the pages of our magazines and are short, quick reads.  In addition to helping prevent the summer learning slide, readers […]

Fathers: You Rock!

I have a friend on Facebook who frequently comments on how fathers are often not included in the conversation when it comes to parenting. Someone will post an appeal for a few moms to chaperone a class trip or post an article about how moms spend X amount of time helping with homework each night, […]

Have You Heard About Our New Bug Band?

If you happened to look at the address bar on the latest issues of Cricket Media’s 11 award-winning magazines, you may have noticed something new: a line of small circles each with a character or symbol relating to a specific magazine. Each circle is in black except the magazine you are looking at, which is […]

Graduation: A Time for Moving On Up

Do you have a graduation happening in your family this season? If so, congratulations! Graduations are important life cycle events and whether your child is graduating from pre-school or high school, this is a time to celebrate all the milestones your child has achieved over the past few years.   I cried my eyes out […]

Make the most out of reading with your young child

by Denise Yellen Ganot   It is no secret that reading to and with your children has social, emotional, and intellectual benefits. The good news is that it doesn’t take much—maybe just a bedtime story, or a cuddle on the couch with a good book—to achieve these benefits. When it comes to reading with your child—no […]

Highway to Endangered Zone

Like many little girls, my oldest daughter has always been a huge animal lover. In her case, it goes beyond ponies and puppies – though she really loves ponies and puppies. However, she is equally obsessed with wild and unique animals, the weirder and more unknown, the better.   When she was about five, a […]

Helping Fairies Stay Real

There is only a very short time in a child’s life when he or she really believes in Santa, the Tooth Fairy, Dragons, Elves, and other mythical creatures. So when I saw this little journal entry in my daughter’s notebook, I wondered: How can I keep her believing in fairies as long as possible (no […]

Meet Click’s New Friends

One of the identifying features of a Cricket Media children’s magazine is the small cartoon art you’ll find sprinkled throughout the margins of the pages. The characters in the art serve as friendly guides to the magazine. They comment on the stories, crack jokes, provide additional information, and give kids some extra fun to look for. […]

Inky: Octopus and Escape Artist Extraordinaire

If you haven’t read the recent story of Inky, the octopus who escaped from a New Zealand Aquarium, you are missing out on an amazing true story of escape and intrigue that leaves you with many questions and the desire to find out more.   Inky, a common New Zealand octopus, managed to somehow slip through […]